net co2 'taker-outers' while living a simple, inspiring & luxurious life


this year we got 95.14% of our annual electricity from the solar pv and the tesla powerwalls (battery storage).

this year we doubled our battery storage when we bought a second tesla powerwall (second hand) from fellow tesla owners who were upgrading their set up to a 3 x powerwall 2.0 installation!

we used 139 kWh from the grid in 2017. not bad for a house where we also run a business and have 2 x electric vehicles!

MINUS 5.473t co2 for this year. (MINUS 1.824t co2 per person.)

we travelled to ireland, cornwall, france and spain for different trips during the year - all in the tesla. picked up our organic and biodynamic wine from our favourite vineyards in bordeaux on the way back from spain. as usual, we picked up our organic and biodynamic champagne from the fleury vineyard in courteron on the way back from skiing in the french alps.

we sent just 7.2 kg of waste to landfill this year; used 47 litres of water per person per day and still get 65% of our food from within 50 miles.

we featured in an article published in portland, oregon after being contacted by the editor. word gets around!

model 3 was delivered to the first customers in the states. you can watch the delivery event here. we expect ours in 2019. then it will be a completely tesla electric garage. woo hoo!

tesla roadster 2.0 was unveiled this year - amazing! don't think the pockets are deep enough for that!! maybe buy the semi?!! you can see the launch of both here. mind you - we were exceptionally lucky this year and got to be taken for spins in the original tesla roadster by stuart. amazing experience. let's just say he knows how to drive and so we experienced everything the roadster has to offer! brilliant. really grateful.

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